Stages of dating

Stages of dating

There are five major stages of dating that mark the progression of a relationship. Believe it or not, every dating relationship is influenced by various dynamics that shape it in the beginning stage, development and its actualization.


The first stage of dating is attraction. Naturally, it is the initial stage in which emotions spike with a strong urge to be connected with another person. The initial attraction is foundational as we begin to admire our prospective partner. However, both parties involved must have mutual attraction for it to be firm. Once the attraction has been reciprocated, a relationship is set in motion.



The second stage of dating is Ambivalence. Naturally it is a progression of the initial stage. This stage is characterized by doubts and deeper assessment of the direction the young relationship is taking. It is an evaluation of whether you should continue dating or you should pursue a better match to make for a partner or life-term lover. It is just a self-reproach of the suitability of the prospective partner to be your lover.


Once you have passed through the ambivalence stage, then you begin to commit to this new relationship with your partner to make it successful. Your significant other also reciprocates and there is mutual interest in pampering one another. There is also an agreement of whether the relationship will be bound to monogamy or not.


True intimacy

True intimacy forms the third stage of dating. In this stage, there is plenty of time to open up to one another and share deeply of who you are as an individual. It is the over-reach of interpersonal communicational in which you share your weaknesses, strengths, hopes and dreams. It is the phase of learning more about your partner.


Proposal is the last stage of dating. This comes once you have experienced the other stages. It involves a celebration of the found intimacy and affection with your loved one. It is the time to officially propose the formalization of your relationship and announce to your peers that you have won over the love of your lifetime.


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