Sexual Experiences

Escort’s Diary
is your ultimate hangout for the best, trending and latest adult tips and products. We’ve started blogging since (year) but our sexual experiences are proven and tested for many many years.
Escort’s Diary
main goal why we create this blog is simple; to enlighten the mind of people and reduce the sugarcoated reviews concerning sexual pleasure. We simply want to help people enjoy a happier and enjoyable sex life in a truthful and accurate way.a0_ihewvndw

Between product reviews, unbiased opinions, sexuality, kinks and personal experiences for this blog, we would be happy to share helpful information on our valuable readers all over the world writing about adult related topics.

To ensure every post we make fulfills our reader’s expectations, the toys we featured are well tested and proven safe. There are a lot of sex toys out there, some are friendly, some are not. What works for one may not work for the others. It’s important to know the differences for your own safety and pleasure.

As experts in the adult industry, it is Escort’s Diary’s greatest desire to enlighten and help as much individuals as possible. Human body is unique and if you want to make the most out of it and you considered sex toys as an interesting addition to your sexual experiences, then this blog is for you. With each adult toy we’ve tried, there are so many words to say, to criticize, to love or to complain about.

So feel free to browse from our list of old and latest posts for your own learning and satisfaction. If you like what you see, please consider sharing it with your circle of friends and leave relevant comments.


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