Stages of dating

Stages of dating There are five major stages of dating that mark the progression of a relationship. Believe it or not, every dating relationship is influenced by various dynamics that shape it in the beginning stage, development and its actualization. Attraction The first stage of dating is attraction. Naturally, it is the initial stage in … More Stages of dating

Levels of intimacy

Levels of intimacy Whether you are bachelor or a long-time married romantic, it is fair to say you might have experienced the ups and downs of couple relationships. Pursuing a romantic relationship usually comes with its magic or dare I say irresistible thrill that infects one with excitement and an unmistakable “high.” However, this surge … More Levels of intimacy

Sexual Experiences

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Signs of a Solid Relationship As humans, it’s normal that we dream of a solid relationship with our partner. In fact, it’s a goal we all share and try to achieve. Despite the challenge, we do our best to build a strong and rock-solid relationship. According to the experts, there are ways to tell where … More Signs